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Practice for IT exams on your computer play interactive VCE exams various question types, save session features & more.

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Edit VCE exams and create your own VCE files.

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Play VCE files on your Mac for the same experience you'll get in the testing center.

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Study anytime, anywhere with VCE software on your iPhone, iPad and Android devices

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VCE Exam Simulator

Smooth testing engine for efficient exam practice


VCE Player for Mac

Play VCE files on your Mac desktop


VCE Mobile

Install VCE Software on your iOS or Android gadgets.

VCE Exam Suite

Are you looking for VCE Exam Suite and have trouble locating this product? No wonder!

VCE suite, or VCE Exam Suite, is the name of the older version of VCE software solution, which has been enhanced and rebranded to VCE Exam Simulator. Just like VCE Suite, VCE Exam Simulator was developed to allow users to view, create and edit VCE (visual certification exam) files.

So if you need to open VCE files to prepare for your IT certification exams, or have some exam information and want to share it in the form of VCE tests, VCE Exam Simulator will meet all your needs.

To start using this updated version of VCE Exam Suite, go to www.avanset.com and choose your preferred option of the software solution:


What's the difference between VCE Suite BASIC and VCE Suite PRO?

VCE Suite BASIC only includes VCE Player, while the PRO also contains VCE Designer, enabling users to create and edit their own VCE files. So your choice of the software solution will depend on your needs and what exactly you plan to do with VCE files.

Then, you will have to choose your subscription:


With both versions of the new VCE Exam Suite, you purchase your subscription, not the download. Therefore, when your subscription expires, you will not be able to play your VCE exams before you renew it. And once you renew your subscription, your VCE suite software solution will become operational again, and you won't need to re-install it.

If you're unsure which version of the new VCE Exam Suite is right for you, learn more about them here:

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